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Vosso Smolts tagged for LaKES 2021

April 2021-

We've completed our smolt tagging for 2021! On April 15 we released 90 Atlantic salmon smolts from the Vosso River following acoustic tagging. This research is building on our validation work in 2020 using the new predation sensor tag technology, which allows us to determine if the smolts have been eaten by predators. The LaKES project aims to understand the relationship between salmonids and their lake habitat, and so we designed a displacement experiment for analyzing survival through the two major lakes in Vosso. Receivers in Lake Evanger and Lake Vangsvatnet and down through the Bolstadfjord to detect the smolts as they migrate. This will be repeated in 2022 and analyzed as part of a PhD project in LaKES.

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