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Receiver deployment and tagging of Atlantic salmon smolts in Suldal

We have a new big project in Suldal, Western Norway, where we are tagging Atlantic salmon smolts to investigate which route in the fjord system that they use when migrating out to the sea. Additionally, we are also tagging adult Atlantic salmon this summer. This is a big project where we have now deployed 70 receivers in the fjord system that required a lot of work in designing, planning, and making the equipment ready for deployment.

With two efficiently tagging days, a total of 75 electrofished wild salmon smolts and 75 hatchery salmon smolts have now been tagged with acoustic transmitters. Due to all the successful work beforehand, the deployment of the 70 receivers earlier this week went efficiently and they are now ready to detect any passing tagged salmon smolts. We will update about the progress of this project and other ongoing projects on this site, and our BergenTelemetry accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

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