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Lake Fish Telemetry Group Workshop

Robert, Cecilie and Lotte from our team attended the 3rd Lake Fish Telemetry Group (LFTG) workshop in České Budějovice, a beautiful small town in Czech Republic! The LFTG is an international and multidisciplinary collaboration to push forward the field of fish ecology and behavior. During the workshop our team had a chance to present our research projects from Bergen Telemetry Network with focus on the awesome freshwater research we conduct. Additionally, the workshop was an opportunity to network and start new collaborations with researcher groups from other parts of the world that work on similar projects. Many researchers from around the world had not been to any international meetings since pre-covid days, which made this complete experience of the meeting extra special to us all. Check out the Twitter account FishTelGroup to learn more about the Lake Fish Telemetry Group!

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