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Downloading data and securing receivers for winter season

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

As the year is ending and the degrees are dropping, we are in the mids of our work on downloading data and simultaneously securing all receivers in lakes and rivers for the colder winter months. We have retreived close to 8 million detections of tagged fish from most of our receivers in Aurland and Vosso, and there are more to come! The receivers are secured through submerging a floating buoy approximately 1,5 - 2 meters from the surface. This way, we avoid any conflicts or damages from ice-cover during the winter. The gathered data from the water courses are a part of our larger project LaKES, where we track salmonids during both outmigration as smolts, and returning adults to gain more knowledge about their migration patterns through larger lake habitats. Data retrieved from Aurland is currently being analyzed by our outstanding master student Lotte Dahlmo, and it will give us an indication on how adult salmonids are moving and using the lake as a habitat, as well as answering if the hydropower plant affect their behavior pattern. Results will be presented during spring 2022.

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